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EverSector is one of few space-themed roguelikes, set in a large yet finite universe. Unlike similar roguelikes, EverSector puts you in control of a starship itself. The universe you will navigate is divided into sectors, filled with planets, space stations, and other ships. These ships are no different than yourself: competing for resources and waging war for their respective factions. With enough hard work, any ship can rise to power over their faction, through noble or despicable means.

Now go forth, and shape the future of your galaxy!


EverSector is written in pure Java and displayed with AsciiPanel by Trystan Spangler. It uses SquidLib for certain calculations, as well as my own library, APWT. Being made in Java, the game is generally provided as a jar file. There is, however, an exe-wrapped version for Windows, in case you do not have Java installed.

EverSector has been in development periodically for over a year. What began as a simple console-based game has now grown into a detailed simulation. Far more is planned for the future, with changes that will overhaul old mechanics and continue bringing fresh content to the roguelike genre.



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